Our team

Islandbridge Events has a team of committed and enthusiastic professionals in the MICE sector with an extensive local knowledge of the islands and which have a genuine passion for creating dynamic and stunning events. We offer the highest degree of meticulous planning with a creative and effective approach to every brief and requirement, constantly delivering the highest quality and the most exceptional level of service to all our clients.

Our Story

The company was founded in 2010 by Francesca Maggi and Loreto Gimeno. While both of them were born and raised in Spain, Francesca of Italian origin and Loreto’s roots are in England. They both have a degree in Business Administration and Public Relations from Staffordshire University and Queen’s University respectively and started their careers in the event industry in Mallorca back in the year 1996. Throughout their careers they have worked for international world leading tourism and events companies and have now gained over 20 years of experience in the MICE sector.


Francesca Maggi

“I always dreamt of working un the events sector and 20 years ago this dream became a reality. I feel very lucky to have had the possibility to create my own company, Islandbridge Events. I truly love this job and I take it with the highest professionalism and enthusiasm. Working under pressure, constantly creating news projects and facing new challenges has kept me growing personally and professionally in life and definitely convinced me that is not a job: it is a passion.”


Loreto Gimeno Klinkenberg

“I have two big passions in the life: Travelling and meeting people from multicultural environments, so I always knew that my dream job would have to be in the tourism sector. Working in the MICE industry enables me to combine my passions in life with my strengths as a professional. I am a very meticulous, creative and hard working person. I feel truly fulfilled in my personal and professional live an I am totally committed to Islandbridge Events.”